The Evolution of Sous Vide

Sous vide is really evolved over the years. It all started out about 500 to 600 years ago when people would simply heat up a pot over a fire and have a little pedal motor that was stirring the water around the food that they had placed in it. This is almost similar to just using a normal pot and cooking a stew, aside from the motorized aspect of it. They found that they can cook over much lower temperatures for a longer period of time and actually get of more savory result in if they were to cook on high temperature for shorter period of time.

This method had been used for several hundred years until about the mid-1950s in which the technique of sous vide cooking really became popular again. Chefs over in the country of France decided that they really wanted to evolve the sous vide style of cooking.

They decided that they want to create a standalone device that would do all the sous vide cooking for them. Were they created would be known as the first version of the sous vide machine.

The reason that they had combined a little mechanical motor that would start at the push of a button. It would swirl a little lever around inside of the pot which had the food inside of a plastic bag. As you can see, this is different than the sous vide machines of today. The sous vide machines of today really rely on air pressure to get the water circulating. Here in the original version of the sous vide machine they relied on the lever.

This was a style of sous vide machine up until the middle 1990s. At this point a company called sous vide supreme really came around and revolutionize the industry. They created the first standalone sous vide machine that was able to take air pressure and is at the circulate the heated water. This was also around the time of the invention of BPA free plastic bags.

As time went on, more company started to produce sous vide machines. By the mid-21st century, the market really became saturated. As a result, prices began to come down on sous vide machines. Also, more and more features started to pop up in sous vide machines.

Some of the more common features in the sous vide machine is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an LED timer. All of these have been put on there for convenience sake. Cooking with the sous vide machine nowadays is so incredibly easy to do. Literally anyone can do it. If you’re in the market to buy sous vide machine, I suggest you cool suvee cooker ratings 2017. Will be able to get some great sous vide machine reviews there.

I recommend that everyone starts off with an immersion circulator. You can use her own pot when you cook in their incredibly cheap but effective.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Sous Vide Cooked Food In Bed

People absolutely love to eat in bed these days. More and more people are having to work late at the office and simply don’t have time to relax when I get home. Therefore, after they cooked a meal they decide to hop into bed and lay down with their significant other and watch a movie and eat their dinner. They see this as a way of multitasking and getting more out of their night.

While this works great in romantic comedies and sitcoms, it doesn’t often provide the best results in real life.

This is especially true when the food they are eating us cooked sous vide.

When you’re cooking food sous videĀ  you’re typically going to cook the food that is very rich in flavor and may contain a high acid count. When you eat foods that are rich in flavor one of the side effects is that you become perpetually hungry. Because very hard to really fill that sensation that you have. Therefore, if you were to eat a very rich and flavorful meal while you’re in bed, you’re only gonna want to get up and go to either get some more or have a very large desert or something else.

This really takes away the point of sleeping in your bed. You begin to associate your bed with flavorful things and then you’ll be unable to sleep. It kinda takes into account the whole sleep hygiene thing. That’s why I highly avoid you don’t eat sous vide cooked foods in bed.

The other reason I really don’t think you should eat sous vide cooked foods in bed is because of the high acid count it’s usually in the foods that you cook sous vide. What do people usually cook when the cooks is vide? They usually cook some red meat. While there are a lot of alternative such as fish and chicken and vegetables, the main thing the people cook is meat.

Red meat is very high in acid count. It’s been proven time and time again that eating Seuss vide cooked red meat is going to lead to a higher acid count within your body. And therefore you have a much harder time sleeping.

It’s simply not worth it for you to cook sous vide foods inside of your bed. Take a few minutes and sit outside in her dining room with your significant other and fully enjoy your sous vide cooked meals.

5 Ways Sous Vide Can Find The Love Of Your Life

As the title says, wanting over five ways in which sous vide can find that love of your life. Okay, Walt let’s clarify one thing, choose file is an actually going to find the love of your life, however, though help you retain the person that you think is the love of your life.

First, one of the more popular dates is to have someone come over your house and you cook them a nice romantic dinner. Typically you’re going to be cooking them a nice salad and then maybe some fish or something in the oven, and while this always comes up good, he really want to while this person. After all, they are the absolute love of your life. That’s why suggest the trying cook them something via sous vide. Not only will they love the meal, the also a nice conversation piece.

Second, because sous vide requires absolutely no cleanup, you’re not can ever get into an argument with your significant other over cleaning the dishes. Cleaning the sous vide machine is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is take out the bag, drain the water out of the machine, and wipe it down. It’s really that easy and takes no time at all.

Third, you’ll be able to host many more dinner parties over your house when you cook sous vide. Many people are often scared to cook meals for others, especially their friends. When you cook sous vide you know that you’re going to cook the perfect meal every time. Invite your friends over and have a nice little social gathering a few times a week and you’ll see that terribly much more happier.

Fourth, one of the more dreaded aspects of dating someone new is meeting their parents. Usually when people meet the parents they invite them over and cook them a nice meal. You could always cheat and get your food catered, but odds are that the mother will know that. That’s why suggest you cook sous vide so you can make a great impression with your future in-laws.

Fifth, it’s going to look great your significant other that you have a hobby that you’re so passionate about. One thing that really hinders the romance and a lot of couples is that some people become very set in their ways and do not have anything to be passionate about. Sous vide is almost a cultlike form of cooking that will have you trapped the second. That’s the last reason that I recommend you cook sous vide.

As you can see, there are many ways in which sous vide can spice up your love life. Figure out which one is best for you and then implement it. You won’t be disappointed.

Favorite Food To Cook Sous Vide

Cooking steak is by far my favorite food to cook sous vide. After all, the whole reason even gone to sous vide was because my cousin had cooked is a wonderful steak dinner in the heart of France. Absolutely love cooking a good steak because to me there is absolutely nothing better than a welcome look steak. The juiciness and the tenderness are always so delicious.

Combine that with the wonderful sous vide cooking technique and you absolutely come out with a wonderful meal.

One of the things that I’ve struggled with this finding the perfect type of seasoning and marinade for the steak. I’ll often leave it the steak in the kitchen to marinate overnight. While this often does produce a good end result, it’s not actually what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been starting to try some Texas dry rubs on some steaks.

It turns out that Texas dry rubs actually cook really well when cook sous vide.

I used to be one of the people that absolutely needed my state to be covered in sauce. I’m not sure why as I know that always takes away from the actual flavor of the steak. However, it’s just the way I dread mistake. Ever since I’ve been cooking it sous vide I absolutely love to use nice dry rub on it.

I’ve actually been able to convince a lot of my friends switch from using a marinade on over to a dry rub. Of course, this also means that if switch them over to starting to you sous vide.

Another favorite food that I absolutely love to cook his eggs. Cooking eggs sous vide is one of my favorite things in the whole world. They come out perfect absolutely each and every time. There’s nothing like waking up to some finally made eggs. I don’t have to slave over a hot frying pan and deal with cleaning up an oily mess. All I have to do is simply take my eggs out of the sous vide machine in the plastic bag and I am good to go.

Seriously, this whole cons of the cooking sous vide is save me some serious time. I can’t believe how much more time and delicious meals I’ve had as a result of using this wonderful device. I really hope that more of you guys end up trying out sous vide. As a tell everyone I know, once you try it, you’ll absolutely love it.

How I Discovered Sous Vide

I originally learned of sous vide when I was visiting my cousin out in France. We’re all about the sitdown around the dinner table when he busted out one of the most delicious looking stakes that I have ever seen in my life. The state just looks so incredibly tender and red and juicy. I never grilled anything like that in my life so I was perplexed as to how we cooked it.

That’s when I asked him.

He told me that he had cooked it sous vide. Of course, I had no idea what sous vide was. For all I knew it was a restaurant that was local to the area and he was joking and he actually bought instead of cooked it.

Even though I was confused, I decided to try the steak anyways. In my oh my was at the most delicious steak I have ever eaten. It was so delicious that I actually don’t even remember eating it. I was writing such a high that they blacked out during the moment.

After dinner and talking, we went into the kitchen and my cousin showed me what sous vide actually was. He showed me the machine that he had, which was a sous vide supreme machine. Apparently it’s one of the higher-end models. It kind of looks like a fancier version of a crockpot.

I asked him how it worked and he said that it worked by taking your food and placing it in a plastic bag. Once it’s in the plastic bag, you vacuum seal the air out. After doing that you simply heat up your sous vide machine and then placed the food in the bag inside of the water. You then cook the food until it’s done cooking. Afterwards you take it out when you have a delicious meal.

I guess that the water is heated up and that circulates around the plastic bag in the food. By doing so the food is cooked evenly throughout. It’s actually impossible to ruin food when you’re cooking it sous vide. Or so my cousin claims.

I thought that this machine was very fancy and thus very expensive. I was actually very surprised my cousin said that he had bought his unit front or $300. This in my mind is actually quite steel. You can’t really put a price on a well cook steak. I’m sure if you were to go to higher-end steakhouses they would charge over $300 for this kind of meal. When I got home to the states I bought my own. I haven’t looked back because I absolutely love it.