How I Discovered Sous Vide

I originally learned of sous vide when I was visiting my cousin out in France. We’re all about the sitdown around the dinner table when he busted out one of the most delicious looking stakes that I have ever seen in my life. The state just looks so incredibly tender and red and juicy. I never grilled anything like that in my life so I was perplexed as to how we cooked it.

That’s when I asked him.

He told me that he had cooked it sous vide. Of course, I had no idea what sous vide was. For all I knew it was a restaurant that was local to the area and he was joking and he actually bought instead of cooked it.

Even though I was confused, I decided to try the steak anyways. In my oh my was at the most delicious steak I have ever eaten. It was so delicious that I actually don’t even remember eating it. I was writing such a high that they blacked out during the moment.

After dinner and talking, we went into the kitchen and my cousin showed me what sous vide actually was. He showed me the machine that he had, which was a sous vide supreme machine. Apparently it’s one of the higher-end models. It kind of looks like a fancier version of a crockpot.

I asked him how it worked and he said that it worked by taking your food and placing it in a plastic bag. Once it’s in the plastic bag, you vacuum seal the air out. After doing that you simply heat up your sous vide machine and then placed the food in the bag inside of the water. You then cook the food until it’s done cooking. Afterwards you take it out when you have a delicious meal.

I guess that the water is heated up and that circulates around the plastic bag in the food. By doing so the food is cooked evenly throughout. It’s actually impossible to ruin food when you’re cooking it sous vide. Or so my cousin claims.

I thought that this machine was very fancy and thus very expensive. I was actually very surprised my cousin said that he had bought his unit front or $300. This in my mind is actually quite steel. You can’t really put a price on a well cook steak. I’m sure if you were to go to higher-end steakhouses they would charge over $300 for this kind of meal. When I got home to the states I bought my own. I haven’t looked back because I absolutely love it.