The Evolution of Sous Vide

Sous vide is really evolved over the years. It all started out about 500 to 600 years ago when people would simply heat up a pot over a fire and have a little pedal motor that was stirring the water around the food that they had placed in it. This is almost similar to just using a normal pot and cooking a stew, aside from the motorized aspect of it. They found that they can cook over much lower temperatures for a longer period of time and actually get of more savory result in if they were to cook on high temperature for shorter period of time.

This method had been used for several hundred years until about the mid-1950s in which the technique of sous vide cooking really became popular again. Chefs over in the country of France decided that they really wanted to evolve the sous vide style of cooking.

They decided that they want to create a standalone device that would do all the sous vide cooking for them. Were they created would be known as the first version of the sous vide machine.

The reason that they had combined a little mechanical motor that would start at the push of a button. It would swirl a little lever around inside of the pot which had the food inside of a plastic bag. As you can see, this is different than the sous vide machines of today. The sous vide machines of today really rely on air pressure to get the water circulating. Here in the original version of the sous vide machine they relied on the lever.

This was a style of sous vide machine up until the middle 1990s. At this point a company called sous vide supreme really came around and revolutionize the industry. They created the first standalone sous vide machine that was able to take air pressure and is at the circulate the heated water. This was also around the time of the invention of BPA free plastic bags.

As time went on, more company started to produce sous vide machines. By the mid-21st century, the market really became saturated. As a result, prices began to come down on sous vide machines. Also, more and more features started to pop up in sous vide machines.

Some of the more common features in the sous vide machine is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an LED timer. All of these have been put on there for convenience sake. Cooking with the sous vide machine nowadays is so incredibly easy to do. Literally anyone can do it. If you’re in the market to buy sous vide machine, I suggest you cool suvee cooker ratings 2017. Will be able to get some great sous vide machine reviews there.

I recommend that everyone starts off with an immersion circulator. You can use her own pot when you cook in their incredibly cheap but effective.