Why You Shouldn’t Eat Sous Vide Cooked Food In Bed

People absolutely love to eat in bed these days. More and more people are having to work late at the office and simply don’t have time to relax when I get home. Therefore, after they cooked a meal they decide to hop into bed and lay down with their significant other and watch a movie and eat their dinner. They see this as a way of multitasking and getting more out of their night.

While this works great in romantic comedies and sitcoms, it doesn’t often provide the best results in real life.

This is especially true when the food they are eating us cooked sous vide.

When you’re cooking food sous videĀ  you’re typically going to cook the food that is very rich in flavor and may contain a high acid count. When you eat foods that are rich in flavor one of the side effects is that you become perpetually hungry. Because very hard to really fill that sensation that you have. Therefore, if you were to eat a very rich and flavorful meal while you’re in bed, you’re only gonna want to get up and go to either get some more or have a very large desert or something else.

This really takes away the point of sleeping in your bed. You begin to associate your bed with flavorful things and then you’ll be unable to sleep. It kinda takes into account the whole sleep hygiene thing. That’s why I highly avoid you don’t eat sous vide cooked foods in bed.

The other reason I really don’t think you should eat sous vide cooked foods in bed is because of the high acid count it’s usually in the foods that you cook sous vide. What do people usually cook when the cooks is vide? They usually cook some red meat. While there are a lot of alternative such as fish and chicken and vegetables, the main thing the people cook is meat.

Red meat is very high in acid count. It’s been proven time and time again that eating Seuss vide cooked red meat is going to lead to a higher acid count within your body. And therefore you have a much harder time sleeping.

It’s simply not worth it for you to cook sous vide foods inside of your bed. Take a few minutes and sit outside in her dining room with your significant other and fully enjoy your sous vide cooked meals.